Late Bloomer

The autumn crocus does not flower by chance.
Rather it patiently waits
to feature its finest blossoms.

- Alisa B. Bates

About me

It will be no surprise to those who know me, that I consider my family to be, by far, my greatest achievement. Each family member has added cheer and pops of color into my life. As the children left home, one by one, I aspired to expand my horizons and to make a difference. I feel that through combining family with creative writing, I am accomplishing these goals.

I wrote my first poem “Love is Gone” when I was in fourth grade.  It was so fun to write that when our class was assigned to write a report on the different aspects of pioneer life, I filled the entire journal with poetic descriptions. From that point, I knew I wanted to become a creative writer.

My most challenging, yet most rewarding piece to date is my recently published historical fiction novel “Fox in the Closet: A Barmaid’s Ballad.” My poetry book “A View from an Empty Nest with Only a Few Ruffled Feathers” runs a close second.

Through imagery, nature, relationships, and emotion, I strive to create a passageway of escape for each reader and instill the confidence to meet their joys and struggles head-on. Through writing, I strive to capture precious moments or turn painful experiences into something beautiful.

It is my desire that this website will become an interactive page where readers will feel free to share their own insights and writings as well as thumb through the thoughts and creations of other contributors. In doing so, may we help each other to revel in joyous blessings and to better handle adversity.

Alisa B. Bates


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