A View from an Empty Nest with only a Few Ruffled Feathers

Do not live with your eyes focused too far ahead, for the most precious things are within your reach …waiting to be discovered. A VIEW FROM AN EMPTY NEST, WITH ONLY A FEW RUFFLED FEATHERS, is a collection of poetic expressions. Laced with humor and heartbreak alike, this book portrays the joys and struggles of families in today’s world. Various forms of creative writing styles and more than 50 poetic sentiments fill the pages of this collection. Different stages of parenthood are divided into sections and introduced with beautiful photography. Not only will ‘empty nesters’ relate and find comfort within this book, but ‘nest building’ parents will find encouragement and perhaps learn from the author’s triumphs and blunders. It is her hope that the messages will connect with readers and help families transition into the ever-changing stages of life. Whether gifted to a loved one or added to your own personal collection, readers in all phases of life will enjoy the expressions, messages, and images created through this book.

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