Creative Writing

Wrought Iron

  Wrought Iron You always gave me ambition and a feeling that I could accomplish anything. You always said “Take care of the corners and the middles will take care of themselves.” I always remember… Read More »Wrought Iron

Who's Stalking Who?

Who’s Stalking Who? Mighty in stature; sleek body, matted cape sharp horns upon his monstrous head, the bison bull grazed in the blue bunch grasses. Billy sped up the muddy path to photograph him. I… Read More »Who's Stalking Who?

In Black and White

In Black and White Mama and Donna… splashing in streams, bouncing on horseback, giggling about guys, sporting hand-me-down clothes and hand-me-down values- of Family, Country, and God. Mama and Donna… friends forever, sharing joys, sorrows,… Read More »In Black and White

Total Eclipse

Total Eclipse We, the people, stand beneath the same sun, the same moon, and marvel at today’s eclipse. We are united after all. Only God could orchestrate such a miracle. -Alisa B. Bates-  

Living in the Moment

  Squirrel at cedar breaks video (2) Living in the Moment Stuffing his cheeks with nuts and sprigs of Indian paint brush, the autumn chipmunk prepares for the future, yet finds beauty in each moment.… Read More »Living in the Moment

In the Shadows

In the Shadows While sweeping up the cookie crumbs; wiping lip prints off the window panes; tucking away the baby dolls and toy trains, I am hushed with the whispering feeling: “It will not always… Read More »In the Shadows

A Flying Leap

A Flying Leap Crimson, gold and amber leaves, fluttering like feathers in the breeze, drift to the grass in which they settle. I scoop them together into a monstrous mound. Taking a leap, I flop… Read More »A Flying Leap

Remembering 9/11

Remembering 9/11 Jet planes crashed into buildings. Smoke billowed from falling towers. From cushy recliners we watched news clips, learning of heroic rescue attempts. Brave airline passengers prevented another attack. Our President held his wife’s… Read More »Remembering 9/11