Fox in the Closet

Annie Brett waits near the quay of the River Mersey to begin a fresh, new life with her sailor. As the moon sinks lower in the sky, she pines for her true love, though he is nowhere to be seen. If he does not come, he will leave her with a lifelong remembrance and burden. Annie rubs her tightening belly. “I fear we be alone and withered, dear child. Our hearts be properly broken, now.” Alone and struggling to survive, Annie wanders the cobbled streets of Liverpool, shrouded in a cloud of uncertainty. Her fate and that of future generations is entrusted in her hands. Unforeseen events and twists of fate unravel, making the decision all the more daunting. If love is to triumph, then what decisions will she need to make? What secrets will need to remain hidden? Will the fox be let out of the closet? “Fox in the Closet” captures the time period, images, and surroundings of Liverpool, England, as well as the state of affairs of the impoverished souls in the early twentieth century.

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