In the Shadows

In the Shadows
While sweeping up the cookie crumbs;
wiping lip prints off the window panes;
tucking away the baby dolls and toy trains,
I am hushed with the whispering feeling:
“It will not always be this way.”
Not dwelling on the clutter,
instead I pause to wonder;
Did they feel enough of Grandma’s love today?

Yesterday’s children, different names,
yes, their parents acted the same.
In the moment that I came to see
it was no longer all about me,
my life became so much more.
Seasons fluttered away like dandelion fluff,
now, I wonder, did I teach them enough?
Did they feel a glimpse of my love?
Brushing the cobwebs from my mind,
recalling my own mom in another time,
living in our shadows, losing herself in our care,
ever encouraging, always there,
teaching quietly, loving gently,
creating sweet memories and joyful laughter.
Dear Mother, in case you ever wonder –
you were-and are-more than enough.
-Alisa B. Bates

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