Who's Stalking Who?

Who’s Stalking Who?
Mighty in stature; sleek body, matted cape
sharp horns upon his monstrous head,
the bison bull grazed in the blue bunch grasses.
Billy sped up the muddy path to photograph him.
I plodded along behind.

Another bull, in a neighboring meadow,
came into view.
Billy spotted it, changed focus,
and stepped stealthily toward this bull
for a close – range picture.
The first bull, spotting Billy,
slowly stepped toward him.
He did not see it approaching.
My yell, or warning,
would cause the bull to charge.
I silently, prayerfully, watched.
A shudder ran up my spine.
The animal crept closer, closer-
eyes focused upon him!
A ponderosa pine bough snapped.
Man and beast beheld each other,
from only a few feet away.
Man backed off a little…
…after pausing to take a few fantastic photos.
He deserved it – in the end –
Billy wanted a close-up shot,
and that’s exactly what he got!
-Alisa B. Bates

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