Wrought Iron


Wrought Iron
You always gave me ambition
and a feeling
that I could accomplish anything.
You always said “Take care of the corners
and the middles
will take care of themselves.”
I always remember you
rocking me in the old Boston rocker
singing lullabies
or whistling as sweetly
as the meadowlark.
You always made sure
a smile was on my face
for it would make up my attitude.
You mostly wore cardigans,
a big wristwatch
and brown wingtip shoes.
My arms spread open
like feathered eagle wings
flapping toward the golden sunset.
We laid you to rest in a peaceful plot
where deer roam
and birds sing as sweetly as you did.
Now, I celebrate our birthday
without you,
forcing a smile –
the smile you dressed me with
for those who don’t understand my longing.
-Alisa B. Bates-

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